Practicing math on Always Icecream is fun because I can earn $coops for my pets.
STEFANI, 5th Grader
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Learning Games for Girls - Fun Rewards Included! is a safe yet fun online school and playground for girls that provides as much learning as creative play.

What does ice cream have to do with learning? At Always Icecream girls earn virtual ice cream cones, called $coops as a reward for playing fun learning games. $coops can be used to feed virtual pets, decorate rooms, and watch age-appropriate videos. Always Icecream is for girls only!

Curriculum Ranging from Math to Geography to Language Arts

Always Icecream offers several dozen educational games and quizzes. Try it out - click on one of these free games:

  1. Typing
  2. Math
  3. Arts & Music
  4. Geography

World Trip is a series of geography games covering the US states and state capitals as well as all other continents. The US State game is always one of our most popular ones - and many parents tell us that they, too, like to play it to brush up on their geography skills.

Online Safety First

Always Icecream is a safety first playground: We’ve taken special precautions to keep your girls in a safe environment for learning through games. We constantly monitor the content of Always Icecream so you don’t have to. We also send you reports of her activities on the site. Lastly, there is no advertising.

On Always Icecream we meet or exceed the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of April 21, 2000.

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You and your daughter can experience the full version of Always Icecream in a free trial. Always Icecream is free of advertising and supported by our members. There is no risk involved due to Always Icecream's money-back guarantee.

My daughter knows the location and the names of all 50 States of America. This is just the latest example of what she learned on Always Icecream
RUTH, Mother of an 8 Year Old Daughter